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Dearest Tyra i was watching your show today and it was about cheating.my name is Mylene Ogawa im a filipino.I came here in United states 2005 and I gave birth to my 3rd child.She is now 17 months old.I was married with a Japanese and I lived in Japan for almost 17 years but I was divorce for 6 years already.I have 2 children and thier both girls.thier 15 and 13 years old now.My ex husbund doesnt want to give or stay my daugthers with me so they are now livig with him in Japan.I met someone again and hes a Japanese and weve been steady for almost 1 year and 6 months.we are not married.to tell you the truth hes one of the member in japan called YAKUSA its a mafia gang in japan.I did not know until we stayed together.WE broke up and i found out that i was pregnant so I decided to go home in the Philippines and abbort the baby inside me.I mean what will happen to my life? i mean when I divorce my ex husbund i started to live on my own and strive hard to work and just to support my self then im pregnant? how will i make a living? i mean living in Japan and the the life thier is very difficult and expensive.I have no choice!!!! so I went to my country and try to abort but the doctors and hospitals in the Philippines are not to abortoin so instead one of the doctor told me that if you cannot afford the expenses i'll be the who will pay but for one conditoin after you gave birth you will not see your baby anymore and you have to sign a contract that im giving my baby away.Just dont abort your baby.From that moment i realize and think that my GOD im going to bring and carry this baby for 9 months and i'll just give it away? So I decided to keep the baby .and thank GOD shes a angel and i know it happens for a reason.NOw shes very healthy and precoius baby.Ive been through a lot in my life but i believe that their is tommorow and i have to MOVE ON and LOOK FORWARD in LIFE.and dont look back and remember the PAST.PAST IS PAST i've learned from my mistakes and i admit that. i have a sad life i mean i dont have a FAMILY.im just an adopted chid .and the one who adpoted me died when she was 83 yrs old and i was 16 then when that happened.so thats why i did not finish high school and started to go in japan to work as entertainer as a group cultural dancer thats why i got married in the age of 23 and met my ex japanese husband thier.but it did not work out.Japanese men are very selfish and he really make me stupid,they dont care,its a strict country.Anyway,as ive said i have no luck when it comes to love but i know its not luck maybe its not the right guy or not yet the timing to meet the reall men for me.When i was in California living with my friends they

Thu, 25 Jan 2007 10:58:28 -0800

cont. told me to go on line and maybe you can meet your soulmate or the men who will love you and accept you for who you are.It took me 2 months to saw the man ive been waiting for he went and visit me in California.It was not bad hes a nice man .he is one year divorce now .the moment i saw him i know that i like him and tiers a chemistry betwwen us.he stayed for 3 days and he even like my baby and he was so nice to her and even took her heart so easy/and quickly,even my baby likes him a lot.so he ask me to marry him and it was so fast that i decided to say yes.then for the second time when he told me that hes going to get me and bring me home with him so he went to California for the second time and me and my baby went with him in another state where he is living.Iam living with him right now and we are going to get marreid this year we are not yet sure what month cox he is so busy in his work.Anyway,that is why im writhing to you its becuase the cheating thing.He said that he is divorce with his ex wife and they make a commitment to be together again when i was not here yet.They started to have a ralatoinship again and trying to be together but they cannot be together and to have the same feeling that the way they do when they are not yet divorce.I did not get it why?going back to his ex wife if he know that it will not work out and she will hurt him again? I just dont understand and especially having sex with her? so what happened he always talk about her.remember the things that she did to him ,the pain he had and all hes 8 years living with her is like a bad dream becuase of some things that they dont agree in their different thoughts and opinion in life.He said hes ex is so control frict it is always her way .so what she wants she get it right away.so my point is you keep on remembering her and the past what you had with her .i thoght he is MOVING ON in his life but it seems his not.the past is the past.why i am here for if you keep on remembering her?thats why im here with him coz i know that i love him and i want to have a life and to start and build a new life.Ive noticed that he still love and cannot forget his ex .and one more thing she even let him buy a harley motor bike when they commited to each other that they will be together but it did not work out.they are paying that bike now i mean they bought that for lawn so each of them are paying half the price.and she was very pist off that she know that i was riding on that bike to so what she did she called him and told him that she doesnt want me to have a ride on that bike be coz shes still paying for that bike so bring the bike in my house so that asisn woman of yours cannot ride it. what he did is he bring the bike in his ex wife house.what is that???? they are dovorce but she is still controlling him??? I dont understand.and to tell you the truth Miss Tyra, i can feel that he is still having sex with her ex.I know that he is hiding something from me and he is not honest .I can feel it.do you believe a womans instinct? and you know that he is lieing to. I dont know what to do?its obvious but hes denying it.all i can say is why cant he be honest to him self and tell the truth so I can move on again in my life? I think he have a 2 face a good prtender,lier,cheater I just need an advice from you Miss Tyra .i do not know if i still want to marry him?Im a very faithful when i love someone,im content and satisfied with one man.why some man are not satisfied for what they have?They still want to have sex with another woman? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TYRA

Thu, 25 Jan 2007 12:36:48 -0800

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